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Essential Winter Care Tips – Checking, Servicing and Replacing Filters

Essential Winter Care Tips – Checking, Servicing and Replacing Filters

Essential Winter Care Tips – Checking, Servicing and Replacing Filters

The weather is cold, wet and windy - winter is in full flow!

We know that inspecting, servicing and changing the air, fuel, oil and cabin filters in your vehicles in the winter months can be a cold, miserable job, but it’s essential.

Winter can be hard on your engines, and whether you’ve got a single van or a fleet of specialist vehicles – replacing the filters is the best way to maximise performance, increase fuel efficiency and extend the working life of your machinery.

In this post, we take a look at some of the tell-tale signs that it’s time to change your filters as part of your winter service.

1.      Cabin filters

Cabin filters work hard all year round, filtering out dust, pollen, harmful particles and contaminants. Fail to replace them, and they can cause serious problems in the winter months, filling the cabin with unpleasant smells, exposing drivers to potentially harmful contaminants and reducing the performance of your heaters when you need them most. 

If your windscreen is taking a long time to demist, then it’s definitely time to replace your cabin air filter. As a rule, it’s sensible to replace them once a year, to maximise cabin air quality and ensure the wellbeing of vehicle operators.

2.      Air filters

Dirty air filters reduce airflow to your engine, which can have a big impact on both performance and efficiency. It can also expose your engine to harmful or abrasive particles, which will reduce the lifespan of your vehicles. Leave things too long without a change, and you’re likely to face misfiring, stuttering and cut outs.

Although some choose to replace air filters when they become highly discoloured, this is not an accurate way of working out service intervals. A restriction indicator that measures the build-up of dirt and the amount of vacuum created when air is pulled through the filter is the best way of accurately measuring the performance of a filter, and when it needs replacing.

3.      Fuel filters

Fuel filters are a last line of defence against the contaminants, dirt and water particles found in diesel fuel. Diesel can become contaminated at every stage of the transport, storage and fuelling process, and these contaminants have the potential to cause real problems for your engine.

Replacing fuel filters is always part of the regular servicing schedule – and there are some clear signs your fuel filters are clogged. The most obvious is a loss of power, especially under hard acceleration, or when driving up hills. If left unchecked, contaminants will start to get through and block the injector system, causing engine miss-firing.

4.      Oil filters

Oil filters are one of the single most important components on a diesel engine. If you fail to replace your oil filter in time, you are running the risk of serious engine damage, and in the worst cases, catastrophic engine failure.

In addition to preventing dust and dirt, oil filters prevent tiny metal particles from causing serious damage to key engine components, like the crankshaft and camshaft bearings. If these are allowed to flow through the engine, they cause abrasive damage, wearing away at components, reducing their efficiency and causing knock on effects throughout the whole engine.

Monitoring oil and oil filters and changing them in line with the service intervals on any vehicle is essential!

Replacement filters from Alexis

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