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Construction & Plant Filtration Specialist

Construction & Plant Filtration Specialist
Construction & Plant Filtration Specialist

Compressed Air

Donaldson's advanced technology in the field of compressed air, gas, fluid separation and condensate management extends beyond the compressor room to every point of use on the factory floor.

Spectrum Filtration

We are increasing our range of filtration and now including water treatment products. Alexis Filters are working with Spectrum to cover industrial application requirements which includes :-


Transmissions We provide a full line of hydraulic and transmission solutions, including Duramax® filters with Synteq™ media technology, it helps protect critical components from wear and maintain peak operating performance

“I moved over to ALEXIS FILTERS some 4 years ago when our previous supplier changed brands. Since then the staff have helped with the transition to DONALDSON which is a quality product. They have been very helpful and the service has been very good especially on short notice requirements usually having whatever we need on stock!”

Chris Adaptable