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Air Intake Maintenance Accessories - Solving Air Intake Water Problems

Air Intake Maintenance Accessories - Solving Air Intake Water Problems

Air Intake Maintenance Accessories - Solving Air Intake Water Problems

Air Intake Maintenance Accessories - Solving Air Intake Water Problems


Air Intake Maintenance Accessories - Solving Air Intake Water Problems

Moisture is bad news for your air cleaner – water getting in through the air intake system will damage the air cleaner, reducing its performance and lifespan, and ultimately, causing damage to your engine!

If you are operating vehicles in wet conditions, it’s important to take the right steps to protect your air cleaner and filtration system. This month, we’re looking at a number of different accessories you can use to help prevent and reduce the amount of moisture that reaches your air filter – saving you money by maximising the lifespan of your filters, whilst cutting costly downtime and maintenance.

Adapting vehicles with In-Line Separators

If you need to use your on-road trucks for off-road applications, it isn’t always necessary to replace the entire air cleaner. An In-Line Separator traps the additional dust and moisture encountered on off-road applications, and releases it before it passes to the air cleaner – helping to protect the life of your filters and engine performance.

There are In-line Separators for both vertical and horizontal systems – and they will remove 80% of the water and 70% of the dust, before it reaches your air cleaner.

Cut out the weather and debris with rain caps

Rain, snow, sleet and hail can all cause serious problems in your engine air intake system. To stop precipitation from getting in, the simplest solution is to mount a rain cap on the stack or directly to the air cleaner.

They’re available in a wide range of sizes and styles, and can be installed quickly and easily. In addition to preventing large amounts of moisture from entering the system, they will also protect your system against damage from birds and other large contaminants.

Remove water with an In-Line Moisture Skimmer

An In-Line Moisture Skimmer is designed to be mounted horizontally in the engine air intake ducting – and will remove more than 80% of water before it reaches the filter and starts causing damage.

In-Line Moisture Skimmers have minimal impact on airflow - collecting water as air flows down the pipe, before automatically releasing it. It’s a simple and very effective system, that requires no servicing, and is available in a wide range of common inlet sizes to fit the majority of systems.

Prevent water with a Stack Top Moisture Eliminator

For cab-over trucks and vertical stacks, a stack top eliminator is one of the most effective ways of removing water before it reaches the air filtration system.

The system uses built in vanes to cause moist air entering the stack to spin – forcing it to the outside walls, where water separates from the air. This then collects in the eliminator, and is released through a drain hole. This process dries the air, removing 80% of the water, helping to improve engine performance, whilst extending the lifespan of filters.

Protecting your air intake from water with support from Alexis Filters

At Alexis Filters, we’re air filtration and air intake specialists – providing a comprehensive range of high performance air filtration products, air cleaners, accessories and replacements for all kinds of vehicles and machinery, across a full range of industries.

Choose Alexis, and you’ll benefit from the best prices on quality components from leading brands like Donaldson and HiFi, responsive, personal service and expert advice on all your air intake and filtration needs.

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“I moved over to ALEXIS FILTERS some 4 years ago when our previous supplier changed brands. Since then the staff have helped with the transition to DONALDSON which is a quality product. They have been very helpful and the service has been very good especially on short notice requirements usually having whatever we need on stock!”

Chris Adaptable